We are always looking for guest writers here at Econ Alerts, whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the industry if you can write engaging content we will like to hear from you. This is not a paid or contracted job, you can contribute as much as or little as you want.

You will be credited for your work on our site and we will add social links to your social profiles, so if you have a large social network this would be a bonus. We would like  So if you do want to contribute then we kindly ask you follow our guidelines:

We would like either written articles or technical analysis charts with an explanation of the chart. So if you do want to contribute then we kindly ask you follow our guidelines:



    • Articles should be at least 300 words and stick to the topic of Economics (Including Macro/Micro Economics and Geopolitical events), Trading and Investing.


    • Articles should be your own work, no copying, and pasting. You can use reliable sources for inspiration but the work you submit must be your own, and all reliable sources should be referenced.


    • Technical analysis charts need to have a detailed explanation of what the chart is showing, there is no word limit.


    • Charts should be of high resolution and be clear to understand. It should not have any clutter, any indicators that are not mentioned in your explanation should not be displayed. If you want to talk about more than one indicator on a chart, then either create separate charts for each indicator. Or make it extremely clear on the what which indicator is which.


  • No spam. The priority of the content should be informative and relevant.


We look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested just send us a message about yourself and any information about your level of expertise or experience in the subject of Economics, Trading or Investing.