Back to Westminster: MPs to return from summer holidays next week

Palace Of Westminster - Econ Alerts

  Order, Order The beckoning tones of The Speaker have not been echoing in the chamber for some time, which can only mean one thing, as Mr Bercow takes his seat in the chair once more as MPs return to Parliament. Like children going back to school, the MPs are eager to catch up with […]

The next step for the Liberal Democrats

Sir Vince Cable - Econ Alerts

  The Liberal Phoenix rising from the ashes We begin back at the General Election of 2010, the nation swung from the Gordon Brown’s Labour party to the fresh-faced Eton educated Conservative David Cameron. However, the young Tory hadn’t achieved enough seats to govern alone. What played out for the following five days seemed to […]

Should politicians who lie, face criminal charges?

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove - Econ Alerts

People of authority We sometimes may be fooled into forgetting the simple fact that politicians work for us, we the people put them there, and if they do something we disagree with, we the people will remove them. Following on from the Brexit campaign and the mysterious £350 million going to the NHS, is it […]

A question of money: The flow of Capital between the UK and the EU

Euro and Pound - Econ Alerts

The ‘What we should pay’ debate The question of what we pay to be a part of the exclusive trading group known as the European Union was a heavily contested debate during the referendum. That infamous red battle bus that housed Boris and Gove’s Leave campaign embraided with the insubstantial claim that “we send the […]

Theresa May’s election gamble backfires!

UK election 2017 - Econ Alerts

June the 8th 2017 has seen Theresa May’s Conservatives party win the UK general election, but without a majority prompting a hung parliament. When British PM Theresa May called for a general election on the 19th of April it was widely expected her Conservative Party would win by a landslide. The polls had Theresa May’s […]