UK Economy Boosted by the Film Industry

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The ONS are calling it a ‘notable slowdown’, analysts are claiming it’s ‘grim’ and with the economy growing by 0.3% in April and June, the worst six months of UK growth since 2012 has been completed, however, there has been one hero amongst the doom-and-gloom. According to Eurostat the UK has slipped to the bottom […]

Theresa May’s election gamble backfires!

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June the 8th 2017 has seen Theresa May’s Conservatives party win the UK general election, but without a majority prompting a hung parliament. When British PM Theresa May called for a general election on the 19th of April it was widely expected her Conservative Party would win by a landslide. The polls had Theresa May’s […]

Political events moving the markets – 15/05/17

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The latest drama involving US President Trump has seen the dollar weaken considerably, the Trump trade seems to be over. He is not the only president involved in a damning political scandal, Michel Temer the Brazilian President could be facing impeachment. Theresa May prepares the UK for a ‘hard’ Brexit if she wins the UK […]

UK economy shows strength for the end of 2016

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The UK economy was to suffer a sharp drop in growth after voting to leave in the Brexit referendum – this was the sentiment of the Bank of England. Although there was an immediate fall in the value of the Pound, according to the ONS the UK’s construction and manufacturing industries have both grown in December 2016.  Other ONS […]

UK economic news report week beginning 19/05/14

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The week commencing Monday, 19th May 2014 could give traders greater insight on the supposed recovery of the UK economy, there are three news reports that investors who trade GBP currency pairs should be watching: The Inflation Report or CPI for April and the core rate inflation – this will be released on Tuesday at […]