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Oil 15/05/2018 | EconAlerts

Technical Analysis – WTI futures ease below 3½-year high

WTI futures ease below 3½-year high; capped by 20-SMA. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures have eased after the pullback on the fresh three-and-a-half-year high of 71.85 reached last Thursday. The price is being capped by the 20-simple moving average (SMA) but remains above the 40-SMA in the 4-hour chart. Short-term technical indicators are endorsing

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Oil 02/05/2018 | EconAlerts

Technical Analysis – WTI crude oil futures

WTI crude oil futures remain under pressure; creates a narrow range in near term. WTI futures have been holding within a consolidation area since April 18 with upper boundary the 69.35 resistance level and lower boundary the 67.10 support, while the 20- and 40-simple moving averages in the 4-hour chart are acting as a strong mid-level of

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Oil 17/04/2018

Technical Analysis – WTI crude oil futures trades below 3-year high

WTI crude oil futures trades below 3-year high; possibility of bearish retracement. WTI crude oil futures have been underperforming in the past few hours after the pullback from the more than three-year high of 67.73. When looking at the bigger picture the price has been developing within an ascending move since February 9, retesting several

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