Technical Analysis – Euro Stoxx 50 below moving averages

EU 50 17/10/2018 | EconAlerts

Euro Stoxx 50 index remains below moving averages despite upside correction. The Euro Stoxx 50 (EU50) index hit a 22-month low of 3167.70 on October 12, falling further below its moving averages (MA), before reversing higher. However, the rebound was cut short today after the index met resistance at the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level of […]

Technical Analysis – Euro Stoxx 50 lacks direction in the long-term

Euro Stoxx 50 11/09/18 | EconAlerts

Euro Stoxx 50 (EU 50) index turns bearish in the short-term; lacks direction in the long-term. The Euro Stoxx 50 stock index has declined considerably after touching the 3460 resistance level, recording two straight bearish weeks. On Friday, the price posted a five-month low of 3274.70, while it is currently not far above that nadir. The momentum indicators are supportive […]

Technical Analysis – Euro Stoxx 50 looks for a rebound

EU 50 16/08/18 | EconAlerts

Euro Stoxx 50 (EUR 50) slips to 7-week lows; looks for a rebound. Euro Stoxx 50 stock index lost 1.8% on Wednesday to find support at the 7-week low of 3,340 which stood as a barrier to the downside as well as to upside corrections a number of times in the past. This is also where the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement of the up-leg from 3,260 […]

Technical Analysis – Euro Stoxx 50 bearish in the short-term

EU50 30/05/18 | EconAlerts

Euro Stoxx 50 (EUR50) stock index to maintain bearish structure in short-term. The blue-chip Euro 50 stock index has been on the back foot over the past six days after spending a few days testing the 3 ½-month high of 3,593.70, reached first on May 17. At the moment there is not much evidence supporting […]

Technical Analysis – Euro Stoxx 50 index

EU 50 11/05/18 | EconAlerts

Euro Stoxx 50 (EU 50) index touches 14-week high but returns some gains. The Euro Stoxx 50 index has completed the seventh bullish week in a row following the bounce off the 3260 support barrier. However, in the short-term, the index has erased some of its gains over the last hours during Friday’s session after it reached a new 14-week high of 3580.70. […]