Gold moves sideways ahead of turbulence

Gold | EconAlerts

Commencing on Monday, Gold opened at $1321.13 and traded in a rather sideways movement for the first 2 days of the week. On Tuesday, a minor turbulence in the market was created due to talks on the NAFTA agreement and with President Trump stating that he does not intend to back down on the proposed tariffs. […]

US President Donald Trump’s Tax plan unveiled

Donald Trump tax plan | Econ Alerts

Trump tax plan likely to be dollar positive but hurdles remain before passage   As reform of the US tax code – a key campaign pledge of President Trump – gets closer to completing its passage in Congress, a possible clash between the Senate and the House threatens to derail it. The stakes are high […]

Can The Donald save the high-street

President Trump and Jeff Bezos - Econ Alerts

It is no news to anyone that high-street stores have been adversely affected by the astronomical rise of e-commerce, just a stroll around many British high streets and the absence of small-business stores and the presence of betting shops, discount shops jump out at you. And similar patterns have been emerging throughout the US. Since […]