Dollar is buoyed by record high jobs openings

US Job Openings - Econ Alerts

The dollar moved higher against all other major currencies today (although it was very short lived) after another good US jobs report, this time it came from the JOLTS (Job Openings and Labour Turnover) report this adds optimism to the strength of the U.S. economy and job market. The dollar index rose after the U.S. […]

Dollar at support ahead of FOMC decision

Dollar Index (DXY) - Econ Alerts

The Dollar Index (DXY) is trading near a support zone ahead of today’s FOMC statement and interest rate decision, the rate decision is not expected to change, so investors will be looking for clues about any policy changes in the statement. Possibly a non-event, however, there can always be a surprise that could surprise the […]

FOMC Semi-Annual Statement 2017

FOMC Semi-Annual Statement 2017 - Econ Alerts

Yellen’s semi-annual statement to the Congress seemed to have initially come off more Dovish than expected with an initial fall of the Dollar and Bond yields and a rise in Futures and Stock Indices. In her prepared written statement, some initial key points jumped out: “additional gradual rate hikes are likely to be appropriate over […]

Positive NFP, Disappointing Wage Growth

Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) - Econ Alerts

Today’s Non-Farm Payrolls release saw a positive surprise, 175k was the expected total amount of jobs added in the month of June. The actual amount of jobs added instead came in at 222k. This will strengthen the Federal Reserve’s position that the bad jobs report earlier in the year is nothing to worry about and […]

Political events moving the markets – 15/05/17

Political Scandals - Econ Alerts

The latest drama involving US President Trump has seen the dollar weaken considerably, the Trump trade seems to be over. He is not the only president involved in a damning political scandal, Michel Temer the Brazilian President could be facing impeachment. Theresa May prepares the UK for a ‘hard’ Brexit if she wins the UK […]