Is NAFTA coming to an end?

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Daily Analysis | 11 January 2018   Media reports suggested that Canadian officials are convinced that the US will leave the NAFTA agreement. The comments cast doubts about prospects on negotiations to modernise NAFTA, which are to have a sixth-round on January 23-28. In the past, president Trump had repeatedly threatened to abandon NAFTA, unless […]

South Korea to set controls on Cryptocurrencies

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Daily Analysis | 28 December 2017   South Korea to set controls on cryptocurrencies Media reported that the S.Korean government is about to enforce additional countermeasures regarding cryptocurrencies. The measures may include a ban on opening anonymous cryptocurrencies accounts and enable regulatory authorities to shutdown cryptocurrency exchanges. Also, past warnings were reiterated that virtual currencies cannot […]

Bitcoin still rises

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Daily Analysis | 27 December 2017   WTI rises on news of explosion in Libya Media reported an explosion on a major oil pipeline in Libya. The overall effects on oil supply are expected to last for a longer period as the restoration of the pipeline may require a considerable amount of time. Meanwhile media reports […]

Bitcoin regaining momentum?

Daily Analysis | 26 December 2017   Bitcoin regained some of the major losses it had on Friday. The cryptocurrency started to rise again since the European afternoon and has continued so during today’s Asian morning. It could be the case that Asian traders pushed the cryptocurrency’s price back up again. Another interesting fact of […]

EU ahead of a political storm?

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Daily Analysis | 22 December 2017   The Catalan elections were carried out yesterday and the separatist parties won. The result was interpreted as a vote of defiance to Rajoy’s government but it could also be interpreted as a renewed message to the EU which backed Rajoy’s government in the post-referendum period. This is only one issue that EU […]

First major win for Trump administration

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Daily Analysis | 21 December 2017   The US tax reform passed the voting test of the Senate and the House of Representatives yesterday Wednesday and has marked the first legislative win of the Trump administration. It’s not clear when president Trump will actually sign the new tax law, but there are expectations for it […]

Tax Reform stumbling

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Daily Analysis | 20 December 2017   The US tax reform passed the voting test of the House of Representatives yesterday Tuesday with a 227-203 majority. However, it stumbled at the Senate due to some technicalities. The bill is to be resent to the House of Representatives for a revote after the Senate vote and […]

No Bitcoin frenzy at CME yet

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Daily Analysis | 19 December 2017   Monday was the first full day of trading for the Bitcoin futures market of CME. Volume and volatility were low, moderating any expectations of a new significant surge in the price of the cryptocurrency.  Main reasons cited for the low volume and lack of excitement were high initial […]

Bitcoin on the rise again

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Daily Analysis | 18 December 2017   On Friday Bitcoin broke the 17000US Dollars barrier and reached a new all-time high during today’s Asian morning. Despite arguments that there is no clear fundamental reasoning, most analysts tend to agree that the anticipation of the CME Bitcoin futures market opening on Sunday pushed the cryptocurrency higher […]