UN fails to adopt resolution on Syria

Aleppo, Syria | EconAlerts

The UN Security Council failed to adopt a resolution about an investigation in the chemical weapons strike issue in Syria. Russia vetoed the US draft resolution while the Russian draft resolution failed to pass. Trump and May stated that the world must act after the suspected chemical attack in Syria, however, Russian UN ambassador urged […]

President Trump cancels DACA deal

DACA | EconAlerts

On Easter Sunday President Trump tweeted that caravans of immigrants are approaching the US and hence the building of the Border wall is required and that the Dreamer’s deal is canceled. The deal was a recent cornerstone of stability as it provided Democratic consensus for the US government budgeting recently. Trump also threatened to cancel […]

UK Labour Party wants parliament to be able to stop a “No Deal“ Brexit

Labour party is expected today, to ask for parliament to have the power to stop a “No Deal” Brexit. Former PM Tony Blair is expected to go a step further and ask for the future trading relationship with the EU to be approved by parliament and even ask for a possible second referendum. The proposal […]

Is Bitcoin going to continue to drop?

Bitcoin was in a bearish mood for the past week after a number of negative headlines. Media suggested that the Securities and Exchange Commission wants additional cryptocurrency platforms to be registered and subject to additional regulatory rules. On other news, Japan decided to push the cryptocurrency money laundering rules as an issue in the G20 […]

Britain-EU close to agreeing on the implementation period

Theresa May, Jean-Claude Juncker | EconAlerts

Junior Brexit minister Robin Walker, stated that Britain and the EU are close to agreement on the details of the Brexit transition period. According to media Britain is to adhere to EU regulations for a limited time period after it leaves the EU and the deal is to be finalised at a summit with the […]

Pressure rises for May

Media suggested that Labour Party’s leader Jeremy Corbyn will clarify the party’s position regarding Brexit. The Labour Party is expected to have a positive stance towards a customs union with the EU, in contrast to Theresa May. It could be the case that Labour Party’s positioning regarding the customs union issue will deepen the gap […]

Brexit fog starts clearing up

Media suggest that Theresa May’s Cabinet may attempt to settle any differences regarding Brexit on Thursday, on a day in the countryside. Theresa May’s vision for the post Brexit reality may include a “pick and choose” strategy regarding EU rules, however EU reaction to such a strategy remains to be seen. On other headlines, it […]

NFP Friday, is the USD going to get some support at last?

The US Employment report is due out today at 13:30 (GMT). NFP is expected to be at 180k vs previous reading of 146k, the unemployment rate to remain unchanged at 4.1% and average earnings to tick up to +2.6% YoY vs. previous 2.5%. Again, please pay attention to all three elements of the employment report […]

BoC hiked but USD/CAD stayed pat

Bank of Canada | Econ Alerts

Daily Analysis | 18 January 2018   The Bank of Canada decided to raise interest rates to 1.25% from 1.00% yesterday, as the market was expecting. The statement accompanying the decision urged caution and was perceived by various analysts as dovish. Hence, there was high volatility upon the announcement, however, it settled down quickly with […]

Brexit must work for the whole of the UK

euro and uk flag | Econ Alerts

Daily Analysis | 16 January 2018   The Brexit rhetoric continued in the UK yesterday, ahead of UK’s Parliament voting. Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon increased the pressure on the UK government to stay in EU single market as she sees growing support for it in the UK. Theresa May’s reply was to reiterate her commitment […]