Technical analysis traders use charting software and price indicators to identify possible future trends and important price levels of where to enter and exit the market. Please use the chart below to analyse the price of stocks, indices, currency pairs commodities and any other instrument of your choice, adjust the time period, and take advantage of a huge selection of indicators.


Econ Alerts’ Fundamental Chart


A fundamental chart is an essential tool for traders who trade stocks. Fundamental data about stocks provides detailed insights into how the company is doing beyond simple stock price information. Find a wide range of fundamentals for any symbol from many of the world’s major exchanges.

Fundamental data is powered by TradingView


Econ Alerts’ Stock and Forex Price Charts: Features And Functionality

Technical analysis is one of the three main methods of market analysis, alongside Fundamental and Sentiment analysis. One of the integral aspects of technical analysis is using price charts also known as charting. Charting is the study of a security’s relative value through a visual representation of price action. Charts are an essential part of any technical trader’s decision-making, technical analysis traders are able to use various tools and indicators upon the price chart itself.

Econ Alerts’ Stock and Forex Price Charts application allows traders the ability to create fully customised price charts, making the study of a security’s price action possible. The following features are accessible via Forex and Stock Price Charts:


Econ Alerts’ Stock and Forex Price Charts: Supported Instruments

Econ Alerts’ Stock and Forex Price Charts is a functional tool for the study of financial instruments offered by every major global market and exchange. Depending upon the instrument and market, pricing data is available either in real-time streaming or on a delayed or end-of-day (EOD) basis.

Below are the instruments and fundamental data items supported by the Stock and Forex Price Charts application:


Econ Alerts’ Stock and Forex Price Charts is much more than a research tool for international currency trading and stock trading. It is a powerful financial information tool, providing traders and investors with a large collection of market-related data at their fingertips.

Whether you are a practitioner of technical analysis or a believer in market fundamentals and sentiment, Econ Alerts’ Stock and Forex Price Charts provides the functionality and information necessary to craft informed, rock-solid trading decisions and strategies and ensures you stay on top of the markets.



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