How to use ADX to determine trend strength

ADX indicator - Econ Alerts

Using ADX to determine the strength of a trend combined with DMI to indicate the direction of a trend is one of the most powerful indicators for any trader who trades with the trend, whether you trade stocks, Forex, commodities or options the ADX indicator will work for you. If you want to learn more […]

Trading stocks and Forex, how to avoid mistakes

How to avoid trading mistakes - Econ Alerts

A common mistake made by people trading stocks, Forex or other assets, is buying when the price is too high and selling when the price is too low. In this video, there is a quick method to identify tops and bottoms. Your trading method doesn’t need to change, just add these three steps before placing […]

Political events moving the markets – 15/05/17

Political Scandals - Econ Alerts

The latest drama involving US President Trump has seen the dollar weaken considerably, the Trump trade seems to be over. He is not the only president involved in a damning political scandal, Michel Temer the Brazilian President could be facing impeachment. Theresa May prepares the UK for a ‘hard’ Brexit if she wins the UK […]