Technical Analysis – EUR/USD stays neutral

EUR/USD 10Sept18 | EconAlerts

EUR/USD stays neutral below the 1.1600 level. EUR/USD closed below the 1.1600 key level after a negative session on Friday, though the pair remains neutral since the end of August, trading between 1.1529- 1.1732. In the short-term, consolidation is likely to stay in place as the RSI continues to move around its 50 neutral level and […]

Technical analysis – EUR/GBP turns neutral in the near-term

EUR/GBP 07/09/2018 | EconAlerts

EUR/GBP turns neutral in the near-term after breaking below uptrend line. EUR/GBP pulled back in recent days, after touching a one-year high of 0.9098 on August 28. Earlier on Friday, it broke below an upside support line drawn from the lows of June 15, and if this week’s candle indeed closes below that uptrend line, then […]

Technical Analysis – Copper futures extend bearish move

Copper Dec18 07/08/18 | EconAlerts

Copper futures extend bearish move; stands below SMA. Copper futures have come under renewed selling pressure, falling back below the 2.7550 resistance level and the 20- and 40-day simple moving averages (SMA). During yesterday’s session, the 20-day SMA also acted as resistance, hence the near-term upside momentum appears to have run out of steam again […]

Technical Analysis – GBP/JPY holds in a narrow range

GBPJPY 07/08/18 | EconAlerts

GBP/JPY holds in a narrow range; indicators signal bullish bias. GBP/JPY has been moving in a narrow range with an upper boundary the 144.20 resistance level and lower boundary the 142.60 support level, over the last week. Currently, the price is moving higher with the RSI confirming this movement as it is approaching the bullish area. Furthermore, […]

Technical Analysis – USD/CAD eases in the short-term

USD/CAD 07SEP18 | EconAlerts

USD/CAD eases in the short-term but the outlook remains strongly bullish. USD/CAD has lost its positive momentum over the last couple of days after the bounce on the 1.3230 resistance level. In the short-term, the market could retain its neutral to bearish mode, confirmed by the 20- and 40-simple moving averages which are heading sideways. The RSI indicator […]

Technical Analysis – Google retreats sharply in the near-term

Google 06/08/18 | EconAlerts

Google stock retreats sharply in the near-term; bullish outlook in the long-term. Google stock price has reversed to the downside, completing the fourth negative daily session in a row. The price slipped below the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) indicating that the bears could take the charge. Regarding the technical indicators, the sharp downside movement has driven them lower. […]

Technical Analysis – NZD/USD looks strongly bearish in the medium-term

NZD/USD 06/08/18 | EconAlerts

NZD/USD eases above mid-level of Bollinger Band; looks strongly bearish in the medium-term. NZD/USD has declined in the previous session in the 4-hour chart but still remains above the mid-level of the Bollinger Band, this being a 20-period simple moving average (SMA). The RSI seems to be stalling its advance below the 50 neutral-perceived level, while the stochastic oscillator is giving a bearish signal […]

Technical Analysis – USD/JPY neutral in the short-term

USD/JPY 06SEP18 | EconAlerts

USD/JPY hovers around 23.6% Fibonacci mark; neutral in the short-term. USD/JPY is hovering around the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level of the up-leg from 104.60 to 113.16, around the 111.13 level. According to the technical indicators, the market could maintain neutral momentum in the short-term as the RSI indicator is moving slightly to the downside near the threshold […]

Technical Analysis – S&P 500 index still bullish in the medium-term

S&P 500 05/09/2018 | EconAlerts

S&P 500 (US 500) index near-term momentum turns south; still bullish in the medium-term. The S&P 500 index has declined after touching an all-time high of 2,916.50 on August 29. Still, the benchmark continues to trade relatively close to its record peak. The RSI has reversed lower after entering overbought territory last week and continues […]

Technical Analysis – Nikkei 225 index creates downside rally

JP225 05/08/18 | EconAlerts

Nikkei 225 (Japan 225) index creates downside rally; could weaken further in the short term. Nikkei 225 index has recorded a stunning downward rally following the touch on the 23116 resistance level in the prior week and is moving towards the moving averages in the daily chart. The technical indicators, continue to send bearish signals, suggesting that […]