Can The Donald save the high-street

President Trump and Jeff Bezos - Econ Alerts

It is no news to anyone that high-street stores have been adversely affected by the astronomical rise of e-commerce, just a stroll around many British high streets and the absence of small-business stores and the presence of betting shops, discount shops jump out at you. And similar patterns have been emerging throughout the US. Since […]

5 Investment Schoolboy Errors – by the schoolboy who made them

Learn from mistakes - Econ Alerts

At the start of my GCSE’s I had no idea as to the specific job I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted it to be in finance, so in conjunction with schoolwork, I set up my own virtual Forex trading account to gain experience in the financial markets and gain experience in the […]

UK Economy Boosted by the Film Industry

Film Set - Econ Alerts

The ONS are calling it a ‘notable slowdown’, analysts are claiming it’s ‘grim’ and with the economy growing by 0.3% in April and June, the worst six months of UK growth since 2012 has been completed, however, there has been one hero amongst the doom-and-gloom. According to Eurostat the UK has slipped to the bottom […]

The Recent Rise and Gains Made by ETFs

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In 1989 the S&P 500 changed the world of finance when it introduced a marketable security that not only tracked an index or a basket of assets but was traded like a common stock, hence the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) was born. Although this first attempt of ETFs was short lived, now, almost three decades […]