Our Trading Style

Our philosophy for developing trading strategies – Less is more. We don’t over complicate trading with a mass of indicators that all tell the same story, instead we utilise a few custom developed indicators which are based on time-tested trading strategies, such as Support and resistance levels and Pivot points.

Although trading news reports can be lucrative, our strategies work best in normal market conditions.

My Story

I first started having an interest in investing and trading in my teens, but actually started dabbling in the markets in my 20’s and I have never looked back. I mainly trade the Forex market, particularly the EUR/USD pair, and on occasions equities and commodities. My trading style would be classified as technical using support and resistance levels as the cornerstone of my trading, however, I take into consideration fundamentals each and every time before and during a trade.

I started Econ-Alerts to connect with other traders and like-minded individuals, groups or organisations, and to create a place for traders of all levels for find news, and other resources to help them along their trading career.

Pi De Jonge - Founder

Pi De Jonge - Econ Alerts