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10 Smart Hacks To Save Money During The Christmas Holidays

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Christmas Is Fast Approaching!

Christmas is not far away, and many people have may have finished planning and bought all the necessary items to make it a memorable occasion.

Many also think it to be the most expensive time of the year and sadly many of us overspend during the Christmas period and therefore struggle with money in the first couple of months in the new year. But with a well-organized plan, you can save your time as well as cash.

Want to make extra money during Christmas time? Then you must try out these fantastic tips to save big.

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“with a well-organized plan, you can save your time as well as cash.”

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10 Tips To Save Money During Christmas

Make Cakes and Sell Them. 

Try to make festive cakes, sweets, jams and cover them in festive wrapping paper and sell them in a local market, your office or to friends (social media can help here).

Seasonal goodies are in high demand at this time of year which includes snowman cookies, Christmas cupcakes, gingerbread men and many more.

If you love baking, this could be the excellent option for you. And you could quickly make sweet things like as fruit cakes, chocolate truffles, jam, and cupcakes.


Create a Christmas Budget. 

When you make a budget, it will help you to save money for Christmas shopping and you wouldn’t be left struggling in the new year. Just plan out how much you will spend for Christmas and divide that amount by the number of months you are planning to budget and save for.

You may begin with $40-50 in a month and slowly increase it with time. But if it’s too late then try to start one as early as possible. Keeping a small amount of money to one side every month will prevent you from overspending.

Download an app to your phone to help you manage a healthy budget Mint: Personal Finance & Money –


Open a Separate Bank Account. 

Open a bank account for your Christmas stuff that you plan to buy. It will help with budgeting and separate your funds while saving plenty of money as the Christmas season arrives.

It would be perfect to open the account at the start of the year because you have one full year to save money.

But, you can open one at any time and the amount you plan to save every month will help you to have more cash for the Christmas season. You can also set up a direct deposit and automatically place part of your salary/income towards your savings every month.

There are some great mobile app savings account such as Chip – Automatic saving – Chip Financial Ltd for the UK and Chase Mobile® – JPMorgan Chase & Co. for the US.


Create a Shopping List. 

When you make a shopping list, this will not only remind you of the stuff you need but also help budget your savings.

Just plan out how much you will spend on the presents and other items you require for celebrating the Christmas period.

Using apps such as the Shopping List Ease – Grocery – inMarket Media, LLC app will help you to save cash on daily purchases.


Explore Your Creative Side Via DIY Projects. 

Making DIY presents helps to minimize the Christmas expenditure a lot. There are plenty of ideas on Youtube and Pinterest that you can begin with and convert them into fantastic gifts for your loved ones during the holiday season.

If you are skilled in marketing you can even sell some of them at crafting websites such as Etsy – Shop Creative – Etsy, Inc., and Zazzle – Create, Design & Shop – Zazzle Inc.


“It would be perfect to open the account at the starting of the year because you have one year to save money.”

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Mail E-greeting Cards Online. 

E-greeting cards are a fast and straightforward method to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas.

There are apps that send greeting cards such as Hallmark eCards – Hallmark Labs, LLC to help speed up the process.

You can just click and post their card, and if you know calligraphy, you could also make money by hand-writing out Christmas cards and mailing them on behalf of other people.


Upload Happy Family Pictures Online. 

Christmas is the time when you require joyful pictures to send to the ones you love.

With advertising and the internet, you have the ability to make money from these memories.

You can create happy smiling photos such as playing with snow, or small children smiling and unwrapping their presents under a Christmas tree. Then just upload them to different stock photo sites such as Shutterstock.


Respond To The Letters Of Santa. 

During Christmas kids usually write a letter to Santa Claus, and there are online services that can react to those messages using Santa stationary.

You could create a simple website with Wix in a few minutes that offers this type of service.

To make a note from Santa more customized, just tell their parents to fill out a form with details such as the name of the child, things they have performed well that year and much more.


Make Fabulous Decorations. 

For making money, you could even create and/or put up decorations for peoples homes during this season especially for the people that are busy all the time.

You can just buy a scrapbook and paste the pictures of the well-decorated homes that you worked on in it, Or even better take photos and post it on your social media networks and tell people to contact you if they are interested in your services.


Wrap Presents. 

Many people find gift wrapping a tedious task, but if you are good at it, you could make some money by providing it as a service.

For the potential of making larger amounts of money, try making hampers and sell those with colorful festive wrapping.

For this service, charge per hour or per present. For a little extra cash, you could even offer premium services such as next day delivery of gifts, or personal shopper – so you actually buy the gifts and wrap them (obviously the customer will have to pay for the cost of the give as well as any other charges).


“With advertising and the internet, you have the ability to make money from your memories”


So in the end, Christmas is the time to enjoy and relax with your loved ones during this special season. These fantastic tips will not just help you to plan wisely but also save and make cash. So which one would you like to try out this Christmas Season?


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