Affiliate marketing: a great work from home opportunity


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At Econ Alerts, we are giving you the opportunity to make money online alongside us and our trusted partners, by simply interacting with people who may be interested in our services. Within our industry, we understand that communication plays a huge part in the success of traders and brokers like ourselves; therefore we need the help of individuals who are willing to spread the word both online and offline, effectively taking on the role of a Forex Affiliate Marketer. Please note that this is a legitimate working from home job that provides great flexibility allowing you to work from any location at any time, dedicating as much or as little time as you wish, so it can be done from the comfort of your home.   We know that the term Affiliate Marketing can sound somewhat overwhelming, but it is, in fact, the term that we use to describe one of the most commonly used forms of digital marketing that companies as big as Amazon are using today. Where this opportunity is concerned, we can assure you that being a Forex Affiliate Marketer involves nothing more than your time and some effort. In return, you will be paid a commission each time someone signs up using your unique link which is tracked by our partners, so you will essentially be the link between our partners and their potential customers. Owing to the flexibility of this opportunity, it would be most suitable for stay at home Mums, people who work from home, students and anyone that is looking for a new source of income.   As an affiliate marketer you will be communicating with people online and offline to share the services of our partners, who are fully regulated brokers for people that want to trade the financial markets. Whilst experience in online marketing, online advertising, or a strong network of people will increase your chances of being successful and earning a lot of money, there are many strategies that an affiliate can deploy to increase their chances of success. These include but are not limited to the following; creating email marketing campaigns, communicating with family and friends, engaging with people on social networks and forums related to the subject of trading and investing, creating and running ads on Google, Facebook, and Twitter.     Therefore, if you are able to work independently, you have a basic knowledge of the financial markets and have an existing large network of people that you can reach online or offline, you are already in good stead of being very successful in this role. Yet if you do not possess all of the above but can proactively identify potential traders from your social circles and in online forums, there is no reason as to why you cannot build strong relationships with clients, and in turn, create your own network of people that are interested in trading. Although you can share our services with anyone, you should ensure that you target those who will be most likely to sign up with our partners and in turn generate an income for you.   There are several ways in which you may earn money in this opportunity. Firstly, you may qualify for CPA – Cost per action, whereby payment is based purely on a qualifying sale. Taking it a step further, some of our partners are generous enough to pay you a recurring or revenue share, which is an ongoing payment based on your customer’s activity once they have signed up, and then others have a hybrid model (a mix of both). This in itself can be very lucrative if the traders are active, and it certainly pays off in the long term if you tend to pay for traffic as one of your strategies.     Owing to the flexibility and nature of this opportunity, the potential earnings are limitless. As stated above, time is the only prerequisite for this role, yet there is an element of skill and various techniques that you may want to consider to increase the amount that you do earn. It may also be worth noting that this is not a type of get rich quick scheme or pyramid scheme, but is just one way in which you can use your time effectively and become a part of one of the best affiliate programs out there.   Additionally, as this is a freelance role, you will be in full control your work and will be paid directly from our partners which means that you will be solely responsible for your own tax and any other deductions.   Finally, if you are still interested in this great opportunity within a growing and lucrative industry, please check out the table above to sign up as an affiliate with our trusted partners. Once you have successfully signed up, you can start promoting as soon as they approve you, and essentially begin your role as an Affiliate Marketer. If you have any questions, please send us a message through the contact form with the subject ‘Affiliate Marketer’ and we will be more than happy to help the best way we can.